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Velvet Bikini Collection!

It’s almost time for our new velvet bikini collection and we cannot wait! After having so much fun with our first collection Ocean Life we have learned a lot, we received so much love and positive feedback, we couldn’t be happier! first of all, we need to say THANK YOU to all the Tropical Coconut babes that have been a part of our community and family, spreading The Tropical Coconut vibes worldwide.

We said we have learned a lot. This is important.

We have taken all the feedback from what YOU have told us and we have made the changes that you have all been asking for!

velvet bikinis

Selling Tops & Bottoms Separately

This is a big change to the way we will be selling our sets, this allows greater freedom, not only when choosing your size but also if you prefer to purchase just a top or bottoms alone. This is also a more affordable way of getting your next beautiful bikini!

Improved Fit & Sizing

We have listened to the feedback about our sizing and fit and although we received many great reviews saying our bikinis fit great, we realised there are some improvements to be made. We have carefully adjusted the way our bikinis are designed to provide a more accurate fitting. Previously our Ocean Life collection run a little large. This time our new collection fits true to size

We have trimmed up the bottoms a little. Our new collection bottoms will be a little more cheeky and the shape has been improved! You’ll feel comfortable and secure while getting maximum tan exposure!

Improved Materials

We also received many great reviews about how comfortable, soft and long lasting our previous material was. We have upped our game even more! Our new collection will be lined with Lycra which is even softer and smoother for your skin. 

Why Velvet?

Because they look freaking beautiful! Velvet bikinis are a fairly new concept but it’s taking 2017 by storm. We have slowly started seeing many celebrities and top names wearing velvet bikinis and the trend is catching on. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they turn heads like no other bikini. You will be the Queen, Princess and Mermaid of the beach.

But can I swim in it!?

YES. Your velvet swimsuit will not get ruined by going in the sea or swimming pool. Our velvet bikinis have beautiful high-grade velvet on the outside, but with Lycra (the best swimming material) on the inside. It is important to take extra care and rinse the pieces with cold water after being in the sea or swimming pool and hang to dry outside of direct sunlight.

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  • alice on

    I have been looking for velvet swimwear forever! I can’t wait.

  • Alyssa beltran on

    I cannot wait for the new velvet collection!! ?

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